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Theoretical Study on the Mechanism and Kinetics of Acetaldehyde and Hydroperoxyl Radical Reaction January 2013
Thermodynamic Study of Proton-Bond Dimers Formation in Atmospheric Pressure: An Experimental and Theoretical Study January 2013
DFT, CBS-Q, W1BD and G4MP2 calculation of the proton and electron affinities, gas phase basicities and ionization energies of saturated and unsaturated carboxylic acids (C1-C4) January 2013
Theoretical Investigation of the Ability of Borazine-Melamine Polymer as a Novel Candidate for Hydrogen Storage Applications January 2013
Boron oxide nanocapsules: DFT + Disp, MP2 and Monte Carlo simulation of gas storage capability January 2013
Protonation of Caffeine: A Theoretical and Experimental Study January 2013
“DFT and MP2 Study of Low barrier Proton Transfer in Hydrazide Schiff Base Tautomers via Water Bridges and in the gas Phase August 2013
Photo induced dissociation of amino acids free from thermal degradation effects: A case study applied to DL-Valine January 2013
Acidity Constants of Some Sulfur Oxoacids in Aqueous Solution using CCSD and MP2 Methods January 2013
Theoretical Studies on Tautomerism of Imidazole-2-Selenone January 2013
Theoretical study on keto-enol tautomerism and isomerization in pyruvic acid January 2013
Valance Ionization of L-Proline Amino acid: Experimental and Theory January 2013
Ab initio intermolecular potential energy surfaces for the He-CS2, Ne-CS2 and Ar-CS2 Complexes January 2013
Photoelectron Spectra of some important Biological molecules: Symmetry adapted configuration interaction study January 2013
Bis- and tris(2,3-dihydro-4a,12b-(epoxyethanooxy)[1,4]dioxino[2,3-f][1,10]phenanthroline) complexes of Ru(II): Synthesis, structure and DNA binding properties January 2013
Theoretical Study on the Structures, Stabilities and electronic properties of S2O52- Isomers in the Gas and Solution Phases January 2013
Theoretical and Experimental Study of Valence Photoelectron Spectrum of DL- Alanine Amino Acid January 2012
Temporal evolution of two-photon time-resolved optogalvanic signals of neon in the 600-630 nm region February 2012
Unusual condensation of ethylene glycol with coordinated 1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione in [Ru(phen-dione)2Cl2] and its cyclometallated complex, [Ru(phpy-κ2N,C2′)(phen-diox)2](PF6) January 2012
Thermodynamic properties of the freely jointed tangent homonuclear Yukawa chain fluid February 2012
Computational and electrochemical studies on the redox reaction of (2,3dihydroxy phenyl)1,3dithiane in aqueous solution January 2012
DFT investigation of endohedral boron oxide nanocapsules: Encapsulation of He, Ne, Ar, H, N, and Cl atoms February 2012
Synthesis, X-ray structure, electrochemistry, and theoretical studies of palladium(II) complex with a tetradentate bis(quinoline-2-carboxamide) ligand March 2012
Two Dimensional Optogalvanic Spectroscopy March 2012
Intermolecular potential energy surface for CS2-CS2 System January 2011
Theoretical study of valance photoelectron spectra of hypoxanthine, xanthine, and caffeine using direct symmetry-adapted cluster/configuration interaction methodology October 2011
A new simple analytical expression for the average site-site radial distribution function of hard sphere chain fluid February 2011
An analytical perturbed equation of state for hard chain fluids: Application to n- alkanes and n-perfluoroalkanes January 2010
Conformational analysis and intramolecular/intermolecular interactions of N,N'- dibenzylideneethylenediamine derivatives June 2010
Influence of B, Ga and In impurities on the structure and electronic properties of alumina nanoball January 2010
Two-photon time-resolved optogalvanic signal of Neon June 2009
Excixtation of 1S and 3S Metastable Helium Atoms to Doubly Excited States May 2009
A new analytical perturbed equation of state for hard chain molecules with attractive potentials of variable range October 2008
Fluids containing hard chain molecules with attractive potential of variable range: Extension to mixtures and heteronuclear chain fluids March 2008
One and two photon laser optogalvanic spectroscopy of Neon in the 570 to 630 ( nm) region March 2008
Spin-orbit activated interchannel coupling in the 3d photoionization of barium atoms October 2007
Resonant Auger spectroscopy of metastable molecular oxygen February 2006
Observation of the spin-orbit activated interchannel coupling in the 3d photoionization of Cesium atoms August 2006
Observation of the spin-orbit activated interchannel coupling in the 3d photoionization of cesium atoms August 2006
A New Analytical Expression for the Free Energy of Hard-Core Fluids January 2003
National and International Conferences
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Potential Energy Surfaces of He-CS2, Ne-CS2 and Ar-CS2 Dimers : Second Virial Coefficient and Vibrational Energy Levels October 2012
DFT Study of Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Proton – Bound Dimer Formation of Methyl Isobutyle Ketone and 2, 4- Dimethyle Pyridine November 2012
Photoelectron Spectra of Oxyacids of Nitrigen in Gas Phase and Solution November 2012
Formation of Proton-bound Dimers in Atmospheric Pressure, A Thermodynamics Study February 2011
An Analytical Expression for the Average Site-Site Radial Distribution Function of Hard Sphere Chain Fluid September 2011
Two-Dimensional High Resolution Optogalvanic Spectroscopy February 2011
Monomer and dimer structures of N,N dibenzyledeneethylenediamine derivatives: DFT, NBO and MO studies September 2011
Ionic and Excited States of Hypoxanthine, Xanthine and Caffeine: A Theoretical Calculation of UV- photoelectron and Absorption Spectra using SAC/SAC-CI Method February 2011
Valance Photoelectron Spectroscopy of DL-Valine Amino-Acid February 2011
Ionization and Excitation of Free Atoms, Molecules and Clusters Using Synchrotron Radiation September 2011
Valance Photoelectron Spectroscopy of DL-Alanine Amino-Acid September 2011
The Study of Two Photon in Neon in 600-630 nm Region April 2010
An Analytical Perturbed Equation of State for Hard Chain Fluids: Modeling P-V-T Behavior of Short n-Alkanes and n-Perfluoroalkanes April 2010
Thermodynamic Study of Proton-Bond Dimer Formation Reaction in Gas Phase April 2010
Novel C20 Carbon Nanostructures: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Electronic Structure, Vibrational and UV Spectroscopic Analysis April 2010
Conformational Analysis and Experimental Single Crystal X-ray of N,N Dibenzyledeneethylenediamine Derivatives March 2010
Investigation of R-Dependence of the Electronic Transition Moment for K® P* Excitation and K-shell Ionization for O2 and CO Molecules July 2009
Study of Doubly Excited States of Helium-Excitation of 1/3S Metastable Helium Atoms July 2009
Two Photon Time Resolved Optogalvanic Signals of Neon July 2009
One and Two-Photon Laser Optogalvanic Spectroscopy of Neon in the 570 to 626 nm Region January 2009
Angular Effects in Autoionization of 3P Doubly Excited States in He August 2009
Intermolecular Potential Energy Surface for CS2-CS2 System July 2009
Wavelength Calibration of the Dye Laser using Optogalvanic Spectroscopy July 2008
Spin-Orbit Activated Interchannel Coupling in 3d Photoionization of Barium Atoms July 2008
A New Analytical Perturbed Equation of State for Hard Chain Fluids with Attractive Potential of Variable Range July 2008
Fluids Containing Hard-Chain Molecules with Attractive Potential of Variable Range: Extension to mixtures and Heteronuclear Chain Fluids July 2008
Optogalvanic Spectroscopy November 2007
Spin-Orbit Activated Interchannel Coupling in the Core Photoionization of Atoms July 2007
Excitation of Helium from Singly Excited Singlet and Triplet Metastable States to Doubly Excited States June 2007
High-Resolution Study of the Doubly Excited States of Helium–excitation of 1/3S Metastable Helium Atoms February 2007
Spin-Orbit Activated Interchannel Coupling in the 3d Photoionization of Barium Atoms November 2007
A Proposed Experiment for Excitation of the Metastable Helium Atom (1,3S) to Doubly Excited States November 2007
Optogalvanic Spectroscopy July 2007
Femtochemistry, Atomic-Scale Dynamics of the Chemical Bond June 2005
K-Shell Ionization of O2 Molecule in its Metastable (a1Dg) state January 2005
Observation of the Spin-Orbit Activated Inter-channel Coupling in the 3d Photoionization of Cesium Atoms January 2005
Gas Phase Photoemission Beamline at Elettra: Status of the Project July 2005
Resonant Auger and Ultrafast Dissociation of Small Organic Molecules at the Oxygen K-Edge October 2005
The Gas Phase Photoemission Beamline: A Facility for Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Research July 2005
Ultrafast Dissociation of Methanol and Formic Acid at the Oxygen K-edge May 2004
Resonant Auger Spectroscopy of Metastable Molecular Oxygen June 2004
Introduction of the Synchrotron Light Laboratory at Elettra and Research Activities in the Gas-Phase Photoemission Beamline at Elettra October 2003
A New Analytical Expression for Free-energy of Hard-core Fluids July 2003
Research Activities in the Gas-Phase Photoemission Beamline at Elettra April 2003
Analytical Expression for Thermodynamic Properties of some Hard core Fluids January 2002
Deriving a New Modified van der Waals Equation of State for Supercritical Fluids January 2001
Deriving a New Equation of State Based on the Classical Statistical Mechanics February 1999
Chemical Oscillations July 1998

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